Active Members

Name Date Joined

Bill Knapp               December 7th 1970

Bob Watson             June 30th 1972

Bob Mathys              May 24th 1972

Don Robbins             Aug 6th 1974

Don Mallette           November 1st 1982

Rick Watson         November 10th 1982

Bruce Gorczyca        July 2nd 1984

John West         1979 -2010, May 2017

Dave Heller         September 17th 1990

Dave Augustyn          October 8 1990

Dan Hirchey               October 7th 1991

Wayne Farney        1991-2003, July 05

Rick Mcneil                  September 1995

Steve Hirchey           February 3rd 1997

Clarence Davis      November 2nd 1998

John Hardy                 June 7th 1999

John Stewart              Dec 3rd 2001

Mark Austin        September 26th 2002

Phil Kubinski           November 1st 2004

Steve Skiff Jr         December 6th 2004

Cindy Kaldowski  1998-2009, June 2016

Nikol Turner   1998-2008  March  2016

Toma Olmstead     October 2nd 2006

Mary Heller        September 10th 2007

Gilbert Tebo 2nd   November 5th 2007

Tom Roy                 October 6th 2008

Andrew Krokowski  February 2nd 2009

Justin Cobb              Dec 6th 2010

Jeff Smith                 September 10th 2012

Chad Hastwell         November 5th 2012

Rich Mclane            January 7th 2013

Greg Essenlohr         October 7th 2013

Nate Cobb               March 7th 2016

Chris Hanno            July 11th 2016

Mike Hanno              September 6th 2016

Matt Gardner          December 7th 2017

Richard Maxum      February 4th 2018

Hunter Trombly   January 7th 2019

Zach Sirgrist          January 7th 2019

Destiny Samson       November 4th 2019

Brandon  Mehl          Jan 6th 2020


Bill Knapp

Fire Fighter of the Year


3-G Council Members

Additional Information

Dave Heller               Chief

Steve Skiff Jr            1st assistant Chief

Rich Mclane              2nd  Assistant Chief

Rick Watson             3rd assistant Chief

Greg Essenlohr        President

Andy Krokowski       Vice President

Daniel Hirchey          Secretary 

Chris Hanno              Treasurer

Bob Watson               Past Chief